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We are a family run business nestled in the quaint town of Oakley, CA.  Located in Northern California, outside of the San Francisco Bay area allows us to be close to the action of the big city but still maintain a down to earth, quiet, laid back vibe that rural life brings.  Todd Schafer, founder and owner, started in the eCommerce industry in 2008 with the creation of our parent company, Norcal Auto Concepts, LLC.  Over the past eleven years, we have started a handful of eCommerce sites selling in the Automotive Aftermarket. was our first, followed by, and  We now decided that we want to concentrate on one brand, Rigid Industries.  

At the 2018 SEMA Convention in Las Vegas  Todd met with the Rigid Industries representatives and was so impressed with Rigid's philosophies and work practices that a deal was negotiated where we would sell Rigid products exclusively under the name Rigid Light Shop.  We are in no way affiliated with Rigid Industries but are an Authorized Dealer.   This means that anything purchased from us will carry the same warranty that you would get if you purchased directly from Rigid Industries.   

Our Mission is to make every customer feel special and comfortable purchasing their light products from us.  You will always have US based Customer Service Representatives take your call, no outsourcing to other countries.  Customer Service is the only way we can differentiate between the hundreds of eCommerce sites out there selling the same products.  Our representatives are trained on the products that we sell.  If you have a question that one of our reps can't answer immediately they will tell you upfront, research the question and get back to you within 24 hours.

If you made it this far through our About Us page you are the type of customer that cares about all aspects of the shopping experience and we look forward to talking to you and getting to know you.  This is a community of like minded individuals that like to share and have fun with their vehicles and Rigid Light Shop is there when you need us.

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Todd Schafer

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